Skiing and making music do have a lot in common. Both are craft as well as art. Both have characters involved who create and follow rhythms, influenced by their personalities and styles. Both are surrounded by nature that creates and follows rhythms influenced by energy. When all those parts fit together, flow comes alive and you will ride those rhythms. Riding Rhythms

As the soundtrack of this ski movie is custom made, we strongly recommend to watch it on a big screen with a good sound system.

Production, editing and camera by:
Marco Tribelhorn

Music by:
Electric Sun
Soundtrack is available on vinyl and high quality download on


What does it take to produce a ski movie? Not that much, actually: friends, a camera and snow. That's what Marco Tribelhorn thought when he initiated Long Season Short Stories as a no budget production, relying on friends who are just as passionate about skiing and filming as he is. LSSS tells six different stories with the common ground of taking place in the Alps during a challenging winter. They follow Marco and his friends to the snowy South, the park and alpine huts. Featuring people and their lifestyle(s) rather than triple corks and expensive heli trips, LSSS proves Marco right. All you need to produce a ski flick and have a good time are a good crew, a camera and snow!


Der Alltag hat uns schon längst wieder eingeholt, doch auch die Erinnerungen an die Zeit in Chile und Argentinien sind immer noch präsent und zaubern uns ab und zu ein Lächeln aufs Gesicht. Während den vier Wochen, die wir on the Road mit unserem Zebra verbracht haben, sind uns ein paar schöne Filmaufnahmen gelungen. Ganz auf uns allein gestellt war das nicht immer ganz einfach, einige extra Spaziergänge mussten wir schon in Kauf nehmen. Die Mühe hat sich aber gelohnt, zumindest aus unserer Sicht. Ob euch unser, etwas zu langer, Kurzfilm auch gefällt könnt ihr selber entscheiden.